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Name of Institution: CONICET - Argentina
Country : Argentina
Native Language: Spanish

I used Proofed's proofreading service (standard service) which was great to improve the grammar and style of my manuscripts. Furthermore, the process was quickly and in few days I had the manuscript ready to send for publication.

Name of Institution: Universidad Nacional de Tucumán
Country : Argentina
Native Language: Español

Proofreading Service (Standard Service) realizó un excelente trabajo traduciéndome del español al inglés un trabajo sobre el Carpintero del cardón que presentaba muchas dificultades idiomáticas por las extensas descripciones de plumaje y de paisajes del noroeste de Argentina. Pero además mejoraron al trabajo con comentarios que excedieron lo meramente linguístico con un gran conocimiento del proceso de edición de un manuscrito. Aconsejo que es un buen sitio para utilizar por parte de los investigadores de habla ispana.

Name of Institution: Universidade Estadual Paulista
Country : Brazil
Native Language: Portuguese

The English editing service provided by Proofed Team was crucial for the publication of my manuscript. All sections of the manuscript were improved, making clear the important points of the study. I am convinced this service will collaborate to broad the impact of the Brazilian research.

Name of Institution: Universidade de Brasília
Country : Brazil
Native Language: Portuguese

I used the proofed services and the result was great! My manuscript dealing with systematics and phylogeny of small mammals was really exaustive revised, and all sugestions really improve the quality of the manuscript. No criticism on spelling and grammar were made by the journal editors.Thanks very much for you services!

Name of Institution: Universidade Federal do Paraná
Country : Brazil
Native Language: Portuguese

I used the Proofreading service to improve a manuscript of mine on bird migration ecology. The team made very good suggestions, which even helped me improving my own English skills. All corrections were clearly marked in the text, and the team was very careful on keeping the meaning of every corrected sentence (even the ones with very technical information and vocabulary). I was fully satisfied with their Services and will surely use them in my next manuscripts. By the way, the manuscript has just been published in an important Ornithology journal.