The Conversation – A New Way To Share Research With The Public

Are you interested in reading open-access articles about cutting-edge research that is written in easy to understand language? Are you a researcher who wants to share your discoveries with everyone and not just your academic peers? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, then, you need to learn about The Conversation. In the following video, Nobel Laureate Peter Doherty discusses who is behind The Conversation and why he supports them.
The people at The Conversation say, "Our authors are academics and researchers with deep expertise. Our editors are professional journalists so you can rely on high quality content that’s also easy to read. Our codes of conduct ensure accuracy. All articles carry a disclosure statement listing any potential conflict, and authors retain final sign off on all their articles. Our content is subject to an Editorial Charter, so you can rely on evidence-based, independent and trusted journalism."

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