Thinking of crowdfunding your science? Study suggests some tips.

We know that many scientists are struggling to get funding for their work. No longer can scientists rely solely on government funding. In fact, some have turned to the internet to reach a wider audience through crowdfunding.
Do you know how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign for your science? Maggie Kuo, a staff writer for Science Careers says, "Thinking small, being engaging, and having a sense of humor don’t hurt. Those are a few of the traits of successful science crowdfunding efforts that emerge from a recent study that examined nearly 400 campaigns. But having a large network and some promotional savvy may be more crucial."
Successful campaigns included:
  • Using a crowdfunding platform that specialized in raising money for science.
  • A funny video to present the project.
  • Communication with potential donors.
  • A small money target.
To learn which science crowdfunding sites are good to use and the details on how to fund raise efficiently, click on the button below.
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